SketchUp & LayOut Master Class: Part 5A - 6C.

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SketchUp & LayOut Master Class: Part 5A - 6C.

9 ratings

SketchUp and LayOut Master Class: PARTS 5A - 6C. How to produce construction drawings using Sketchup and Layout.

My name is Luke Whitelock and I am an award winning feature film art director, I will show you the method I use to design sets in SketchUp and turn them into legible and professional construction drawings. Although the project is based on set design, all of the methods I teach can be transferred to any design vocation. So whether you work in interior design, architecture, theatre or film and TV like I do you can use these courses to truly become a master of SketchUp and LayOut. this is a follow up course, please complete parts 1A -4B first.

PART 5A - 6C.

A 6 hour comprehensive tutorial demonstrating how I produce set designs for the major motion picture industry. Broken down into 6 easy to manage episodes. using the method demonstrated in my previous tutorial (parts 1A - 4B) we will look at how to produce working construction drawings for all of the window details in the original tutorial.

Based on Working practices I have used to create construction drawings for clients including Marvel Studios, Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox, Eon, Warner Brothers and Netflix. I will guide you through best practice on how to use your existing model to create all the construction documents for all of the window details (x3 drawings in total)

Follow along at your own pace and once you complete the course you will have 3 portfolio worthy window details, this is meant as an add on to the original tutorial however it can also be used as a stand alone course as you will receive all the necessary assets (3d models and documentation) to work with so do not worry if you are yet to complete the original course

You will receive the following items in the package:

6 Videos with a total running time of 6 hours (£1200 worth of training)

the completed Sketchup model of the original set to use as a master file (back saved to Sketchup 18 so that it is compatible with version 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021)

You will also receive the completed Layout files x 2 (back saved to Sketchup 2018 so that it is compatible with version 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021) 

As above you will also receive all of the section files for you to be able to practice the sectioning technique that I demonstrate.

NB:A note on versions for Sketchup and Layout - new versions (2021 files) cannot be opened in old versions of Sketchup or Layout therefore I have saved all the models and Layout files as 2018 versions meaning that if you have newer versions of the software (2019, 2020 and 2021) you will be able to open the model hopefully eliminating the need for you to upgrade to the latest version of Sketchup 

Please also follow this link to see the reference board on Pinterest (

Also please note: you may want to download the font spectre verde  from here for free 
If you do not have this font on your system then the fonts in the LayOut file provided will revert to your own default font. Which is fine but if you want it to look the same as my file you should download and install spectre verde. 

It is recommended that you also download my scrapbook for layout. Thank you

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A comprehensive 6 hour tutorial covering my workflow from start to finish on how to produce window details for construction in the film industry.

6 part video tutorial
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