SCI-FI KITBASH ASSET PACK. Click for more info.

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Over 80 components ready for kit bashing! I have put together this package for anyone interested in Sci-Fi Design work. Over 80 elements are contained within this model and most elements are made up of several smaller components so there is plenty here that you can scale, take apart, add to and array to create your own hard surface environments. 

everything within this model pack is presented as a solid model (feel free to explode some of the elements to extract the solid models) meaning you can also use all the elements for Boolean operations. 

All elements have been put on their own unique layer within Sketchup so you can turn the layers on and off for ease of navigation. I have tried to label each layer with a coherent tag that corresponds to the item on that layer (door 1, surface dressing 1, 2 and 3 etc)

I look forward to seeing what you create with this pack!

What you will receive:

* The Sketchup file saved for the newest version of Sketchup, you will also receive a down saved version to Sketchup 2018 for all of you with older versions of the software (please note that when you down save to older version for some reason the file size more than triples - 2018 version is 120mb so be aware of this before you purchase)

As a bonus I am also going to include the following:

* A 1 hour tutorial on how I put together the corridor model from the kit bash, you should be able to follow along as I narrate what I am doing. This Tutorial covers basic modelling skills as well as how to Render in VRay and some post process tips in Photoshop.

* A Sketchup model of the Sci-Fi Corridor (both 2021 and 2018 versions)

* An obj file of the components so that they can be opened in other softwares (Rhino,Blender etc)

* You will also receive the raw render and shadow and line exports to practice the method I show you in the tutorial

* I will also include the photoshop file so you can explore how I set up the finished artwork.

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Over 80 Sketchup components that you can use for dressing your hard surface models or create your own models by kit bashing the elements together.

Over 100 hours worth of modelling time has gone into this pack


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SCI-FI KITBASH ASSET PACK. Click for more info.

7 ratings
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